Fortinet FortiGate Basics

Fortinet FortiGate is very flexible and powerful NGFW platform. It is rapidly increasing popularity among customers due to its large feature set and compelling price point. This course serves as an introduction to FortiGate firewalls. During the course we will take a look at the theory and implementation of different features on Fortinet platforms. All the theory is turned into knowledge via multiple practices.

Course prerequisities are understanding on IP networking and some experience from other firewalls.

Target Audience: Technical personnel

Course Goals: After the course, attendee is capable of doing basic installation and configuration of FortiGate firewall devices and understand the possibilities of advanced features.


Introduction to Fortinet

  • hardware overview
  • management alternatives
  • basic setup
  • authentication methods
  • HW acceleration

Virtual Domains

  • what is a virtual domain?
  • resource utilization in VD
  • VD management
  • configuration guidelines

Networking with FortiGate

  • transparent mode
  • layer 2 switching
  • routing
  • configuring networking on FortiGate

Firewall rules & policies

  • zoning with Fortinet
  • creating policies
  • defining NAT rules

Creating and managing VPNs

  • Basic IPsec VPN
  • Advanced features for VPN

Advanced NGFW features

  • using FortiGate as a proxy
  • adding antivirus capabilities
  • filtering URLs
  • application control
  • IPS
  • DDoS
  • DLP

High availability

  • HA operation modes
  • per-VDOM HA
  • HA configuration
  • HA synchronization
  • upgrading a HA cluster
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