Skills survey


The skills survey helps to map out the personnel’s knowledge, so that necessary trainings and their level can be defined. It is also a useful tool in development discussions as well as recruitment. We offer a list of questions of different topics, testing tool and a skills report of the results.


Before starting the survey, a meeting will be held with the customer to agree on the goals and questions to be used in the survey.

Approximately 20 questions of different levels of difficulty in each chosen topic will be taken into the survey. This will form the questionnaire that is used to test the participants’ skills in chosen topics. The testing is conducted as a web survey and it can be accessed from one’s own computer (does not require any separate installations). In case several topics are chosen, answering is possible in stages. The customer can decide on the duration of the test being accessible to participants.

OPTION: The survey can also be conducted as an interview, and in this case one hour per topic per participant will be reserved, covering testing and a review of the results.

The testing tool can be used to measure the skill level of individual participants or larger groups as a whole.

After the survey, a meeting will take place to review the results and possible training recommendations.

Skills are measured according to the following scale:

Evaluation scale

  1. No knowledge of the topic.
  2. Able to identify essential concepts of the topic.
  3. Able to utilize knowledge in ordinary work tasks.
  4. Able to utilize knowledge in demanding tasks.
  5. Has excellent knowledge and is easily able to adopt new skills on the basis of former facts
  6. Is able to create new solutions on the basis of own knowledge. 

The following ICT topics will be covered in the survey:

  • Switch networks
  • TCP/IP basics incl. IP subnet calculations
  • IP routing basics
  • BGP and OSPF protocol
  • MPLS incl. MPLS VPN techniques

The levels of the questions vary from easy to difficult.

In case the customer wants questions from other topics that are not listed above, SMN will create new questions depending on the customer’s needs.