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Software Defined Networking (SDN) Demystified

During this current decade the buzzword "Cloud" has been on everyone's lips. We started with private clouds, began to have public clouds and lately been combining these two into dynamic hybrid clouds. But cloud as a term is just as vague as its real world match hanging on the sky, ever growing, shrinking, popping up and disappearing at the same time. People have started to realize that this amazing "cloud" is actually only a collection of computing power (servers), bit movers (network) and endless disk space (storage).

The buzzwordbingo among the ICT industry vendors has yet again been swiveled and the winner has been elected; SDN, standing for Software Defined Networking. Now everyone is claiming to have "the first shipping" SDN-solution and telling how the "network as we used to know it" is becoming obsolete and irrelevant - bollocks! Good old 80/20 rule applies here; 80% of hype, 20% of usefulness. Something is certainly baking under the surface and there are some very bright creative solutions being developed and published, but almost every if not all of these solutions utilize and require the good-old network layer underneath the new SDN-solution, it's just being referred as "underlay".

This 2-day course aims at providing the audience with relevant information about the characteristics of SDN as a concept and especially giving some flesh around the bones with some vendor-specific approaches and actual real-life implementation scenarios.

During the day we will cover the following topics:

Introduction to SDN

  • History
  • Abstraction
  • SDN drivers
  • SDN Framework and hierarchy
  • SDN Definitions
  • SDN Toolbox and approaches

Southbound Protocols – OpenFlow and NETCONF

  • OpenFlow history
  • OpenFlow basics
  • Deployment alternatives
  • Shipping products
  • Openflow Forwarding

BGP and SDN – new ways to use old tools

  • BGP Based SDN
  • Practical impementations

Network Functions Virtualization

  • NFV basics
  • NFV use cases
  • NFC Products and Performance

Cisco SDN Portfolio

  • Cisco SDN strategy and vision
  • Cisco ONE Software Suite
  • Cisco Open SDN Controller
  • Cisco OnePK
  • Cisco DFA/UF
  • Cisco ACI

Juniper SDN Portfolio

  • Juniper SDN strategy and vision
  • Juniper Space and Junos Space SDK
  • Juniper QFabric
  • Juniper Contrail

VMware Portfolio

  • VMWare Strategy and Vision
  • VMWare NSX architecture and components
  • VMWare NSX L2 Gateways
  • VMWare NSX L3 Gateways
  • NSX as SDN building block

OpenFlow practical examples

  • Network visibility
  • Traffic tapping
  • Service insertion
  • Load balancing
  • DDoS Prevention
  • Security enforcement
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