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Palo Alto Networks NGFW Basics

This course familiarizes students to Palo Alto Networks NGFW firewall solution with help of practical excercises. Goal of this cuorse is to provide basic understanding of capabilities of Palo Alto Networks firewall solution and how to implement most widely deployed solutions. Students attending this training are required to have prior basic understanding of networking topics such as L2, L3, briding and routing.

Course language: Finnish (English if needed), course materials in English

This is not an official Palo Alto certification-course. You can find the desripction for the official course from here.

Palo Alto NEtworks NGFW

  • Basics of Palo Alto Networks NGFW
  • Hardware and virtual appliances
  • Licensing
  • PANOS software
  • Deploying firewall

Managing firewall

  • Management options
  • User authentication methods


  • L2 briding and switching
  • L3 routing
  • Security Zones
  • NAT
  • Quality of Service
  • IPsec and GlobalProtect VPN

Security policies

  • App-ID application identification
  • Content-ID content identification
  • User-ID user identification
  • Threat prevention
  • Antivirus
  • Wildfire Cloud based threat analysis
  • PAN-DB URL classification


  • Why decryption is needed
  • Issues related to decryption
  • Implementing decryption

HA Clustering

  • HA options
  • Implementing HA
  • Limitations with HA
  • Operating HA cluster
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