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Cisco CCNP certification training program

The CCNP training program by Santa Monica Networks Oy covers the topics of CCNP-certification. The contact teaching is focused on relevant technologies used in production networks of operators and enterprises. Contact teaching contains a lot of practical laboratory exercises in switched and routed networks. To success in the training program requires as a pre-requisite the knowledge and skills learned in CCNA-certification.

Modern IP-networks consist of up to hundreds of network elements. The majority of these devices are switches and routers. The implementation, configuration, verification, maintenance and troubleshooting of these networks poses a challenging task. CCNP-training program aims to build the necessary skills needed to work with complex networks.

The goal of the CCNP training program is to ensure that the network professional is able to configure, verify and troubleshoot large switched and routed networks. Naturally the students will gain necessary knowledge and skills to pass the individual certification tests of the CCNP-certification.  

Following the structure of the CCNP-certification, the training program is divided into three parts: SWITCH, ROUTE and TSHOOT. The parts, respectively, focus on switched networks, routed networks, and troubleshooting networks.

Target group: Network technicians, support engineers, systems engineers and network engineers of operators and enterprises.  

Course type: Lectures, demonstrations and laboratory exercises

Course language: All materials and lectures are held in Finnish


Mika Ilvesmäki
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