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Building Scalable and Secure Network Management

Course description: Network management can be defined via the traditional FCAPS (Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, and Security) or the newer OAM&P (Operations, Administration, Maintenance & Provisioning) models. The former is often in use in enterprise networks and the latter in operator networks.

Although management mechanisms are an important part of any network, often too little time and money is given to the proper design, implementation and operation of the management systems. Sometimes this is a conscious choice and sometimes the main reason is the lack of knowledge in terms of available mechanisms and design practices.

The purpose of this course is to go through all the relevant aspects of a proper management network and available management mechanisms. The course does not go through different software products, but concentrates on the design of the whole management network and related services.

Course language: Finnish or English if needed, course materials in English

Target group: Network managers, network designers

Prerequisities: Basic knowledge of LAN and WAN networks

Overview of network management

What is network management, what are the goals?
General perspective of network management problems
From element management to provisioning systems
Network management basic models; FCAPS and OAM&P

ITIL tools for network management

Network management systems
Overview of the network management
Configuration Management Database (CMDB)
Ticketing system
Change management system
Known Error database
Raporting system
Element management
Design tools

Network management network

What is network management network?
Building a secure network management network – criteria
Technologies within network management network
Management network scalability

Network management protocols

Vendor-specific additions

Provisioning and element management

Need for automated provisioning
Idea of provisioning systems
Software Defined Network – basic ideas
Element management with different tools

Management elements and data collection

Why to manage elements?
Different levels of element management
Gathered information types

Analyzing the collected data

The need for analyzis
Filtering and correlation
Data normalization
Saving the data
Event generation from data
Service monitoring

Flow management

What is a flow?
Flow export types
Aggregation and sampling
Colleting data
Analyzing and reporting flow information
Packet-level data analyzis

Performance monitoring

Why to monitor network performance
How to monitor network performance
Internal and external monitoring devices
Software-based monitoring
Reporting monitor data

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