Cisco is the world’s leading IT company that helps organizations discern and act upon opportunities by connecting people, information sources, matters and processes in new ways. Working together with our global partners, we offer our customers new services and business models, a new way to communicate and share information, as well as new kinds of experiences.

Elisa Santa Monica is a Cisco Gold Partner and the 1st Cisco Master Cloud Builder in Finland.

Juniper Networks.

Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks provides innovative communications and security solutions for data centers, office networks and telecom operators. The world’s most prestigious reference organizations genuinely appreciate the cost savings brought about by a single operating system, Junos. Five major social media providers use Juniper Networks solutions. 

Elisa Santa Monica Oy was the first to achieve Elite Partner status in Juniper’s North Region.

Palo Alto Networks.

Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks is a next-generation security company whose trendsetting technology allows the safe use of data networks, improved transparency, as well the mitigation of cyber threats for tens of thousands of customers around the world. Palo Alto Networks technology has been developed from scratch to match today’s needs, making it, by far, the fastest-growing company in the market. During the last fiscal year, Palo Alto Networks grew by 55% generating almost a billion dollars in revenue. Palo Alto Networks has attracted at least 1,000 new customers in each of the preceding 16 quarters.

F5 Networks.

F5 Networks

F5 Networks is the leader of the ADC (Application Delivery Controller) or load balancing and application sharing market with a 53% share. F5’s integrated security solutions help customers protect themselves – in customer premises and in the cloud – from security threats, such as zero-day attacks, web-based attacks and denial of service attacks (DDoS), as well as protect users from scams, phishing and malicious code. The solutions include data center firewalls, web application firewalls (WAF), identity/access management and control, application publishing and protection against denial of service attacks at levels L3-7.

Elisa Santa Monica is an F5 Gold Partner.

Check Point.

Check Point

We use Check Point to implement comprehensive security solutions that protect the enterprise from cyber attacks against the network, any mobile devices and data centers, not to forget increasingly popular cloud services. Check Point is the world’s leading expert in internet security. A long history of working with security issues and the development of new and innovative security solutions are the cornerstones of Check Point’s business.

Elisa Santa Monica Oy is a three-star (Gold) Check Point partner.



MRV Communications is a manufacturer of xWDM and optical transmission systems. MRV’s products can be used to enable communications between the computer rooms of businesses and to increase the capacity of telecom operators’ communications systems.

SSH Communications Security.

SSH Communications Security

SSH Communications Security is a Finnish pioneer in information security. SSH Tectia Mobile ID implements strong user authentication with the help of existing user devices, such as mobile phones, thereby avoiding the need to assign any tokens.



McAfee is an American company manufacturing information security software and equipment. Elisa Santa Monica Oy specializes in McAfee’s identity-based endpoint security solutions and services. McAfee’s endpoint solutions cover portable mass memories, mobile phones, servers and portable computers.



NetApp is an American company manufacturing a wide range of data management solutions. Elisa Santa Monica Oy provides NetApp solutions suitable for data centers based on the Flexpod architecture. Flexpod is a design model for communications, data management and storage solutions satisfying the requirements of modern cloud services.



Founded in 2000, Fortinet specializes in comprehensive network security and high-performance solutions for demanding environments where information security is vital. In addition to its ASIC-based implementation method, the company is known as a Unified Threat Management (UTM) technology innovator. The product range covers unified hardware and software platforms from Gateway products for remote offices to application-level information security for service centers. Fortinet complements Elisa Santa Monica Oy’s extensive range of security solutions.

Blue Coat Systems.

Blue Coat Systems

Founded in 1996, Blue Coat provides solutions for improving the security and efficiency of applications. Application Delivery Network provides a safe way for increasing the efficiency of applications regardless of location.Rlisa Santa Monica Oy is known specifically for its web traffic filtering solutions based on Blue Coat products.



Founded in 2002, Aruba Networks specializes in delivering innovative hardware and software solutions for wireless networks. Over the years, the company has grown significantly and attracted global corporations as well as smaller organizations. Aruba’s solutions enable the building of wireless networks on a controller basis or without a separate controller using the Instant AP model. There is a dedicated ClearPass application for monitoring network security, and a highly versatile AirWave solution for managing the overall system.



For several years, VMware has been the leading virtualization platform with a worldwide market share of nearly 50%. In Finland, the user base includes both small and large organizations. VMware’s huge popularity is due to long-term development that has made it possible to create solutions for various needs and offer a highly diverse product range.



Tintri is a next-generation storage solution for boosting VMware environments. It provides better performance, fewer delays, more efficient use of space and faster provisioning of virtual machines. Tintri, which is rapidly gaining popularity, can be scaled to small platforms with a few dozen virtual machines or large platforms with thousands of virtual machines.



EMC is a leading global supplier of storage and cloud solutions.   EMC’s innovative products and services drive the change to cloud services and help businesses preserve, process, protect and analyze data easily, reliably and cost-effectively.



Cryptshare enables secure file transfer via email and other channels. The solution can be easily integrated with Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes.

Trend Micro.

Trend Micro

Japanese Trend Micro is a global market leader in server security and the world’s largest supplier focusing solely on information security. Trend Micro’s centrally managed solutions ensure that our customers’ data on servers in the cloud and data centers as well as on end-user devices is protected, and that security breaches are detected by applications tested to be the best on the market. As a Japanese company, Trend Micro is committed to preserving its independence, protecting the privacy of its customers and securing information.



SimpliVity offers hyperconverged platforms for effective processing, protection and centralized management of data in virtualized, high availability data centers providing a solid basis for your chosen cloud strategy.



EfficientIP is one of the fastest growing companies providing name services, IP address management, and related security services. Unique SmartArchitecture™ technology enables a unified and secure DNS, DHCP, VLAN and IP address management, also in multi-manufacturer environments. EfficientIP is the only manufacturer able to integrate management of the Amazon Route 53 service within the same centralized management view. EfficientIP’s innovative and unique DNS security mechanisms increase the level of security and allow efficient protection against zero-day and denial of service attacks.Elisa Santa Monica is a certified EfficientIP partner.